A selection of some of my favourite fibre artwork.

Moon Cats.jpg
Castlepoint Lighthouse from above - Sold.jpg
Small Poppies.jpg

Moonlight cats

Castlepoint lighthouse from above


Small poppies

Happy Days.jpg
Field of Flowers.jpeg
Triple Birds 2.jpg
Tui and Kowhai.jpg

Happy days

Summer flowers

Garden visitors

Tui and Kowhai

Waiting for Summer.jpg
Red sails.jpg
Sheep in Dales Sold.jpg
Kowhai .jpg

Waiting for summer

Red sails

Sheep in dales


Nikau palm.jpg
Sheep in the Dales 2 Sold.jpg
Cape Palister.jpg
Cape Pallister Lighthouse  Sold.jpg

Nikau palm

Sheep in dales 2

Cape Palliser

Cape Palliser lighthouse

Poppies and flowers.jpg
Waikawa Bay.jpg
Castlepoint lighthouse by evening.jpg
Macrocarpa and wild flowers.jpg

Poppies and flowers

Waikawa Bay

Castle Point lighthouse by evening

Macrocarpa and wild flowers

Red Bicycle
Making a Necklace

Red Bicycle

Flanders field

Embroidery Threads


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